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favorite carrier...okay, go!

so, i've got a 2 month old son (14 lbs!) and i'm beginning to think that wearing him around more often would make my life much easier. and he's a big cuddler and i'm sure he would enjoy it. so win-win.

i do have a moby wrap we've been trying, but now that he is a little bigger and wants to move more, it's getting a little uncomfortable for both of us. honestly, i don't think i have the hang of it yet. some days it just feels plain awkward. maybe with more practice it'll get easier. even so, i'm thinking of trying something different. what are your favorites and why?

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Re: favorite carrier...okay, go!

  • I love the Ergo for walks and shopping (though I shop with slings, too). I've had back problems in the past, and I've gone up to seven miles with the Ergo and not hurt after.
  • I don't like buckle carriers. I prefer wraps. I love my Girasol.

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  • I've only tried woven wraps, and LOVE them.
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  • My current favorite is a mei-tai. 
  • My siggy link has info on pros and cons of various carrier types for that age that you might find helpful.  I personally use mostly wraps - although I also use ring slings and mei tais depending on the age and situation.
  • I still like using our ring sling for short times, but I recently ordered a Beco Soleil after trying a friend's. I have an ergo, which DH likes, but I find it hurts my lower back to do a front carry now that DD is heavier (16-17lbs). The criss-cross straps seemed to really help distribute her weight better. I also have a woven wrap that we like, but I'm not as adept at it as I should be, and trying to keep the tails from dragging in the slush while tying it outdoors here in the winter is just beyond my current babywearing level!
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  • Ergo lover over here. But I haven't tried much else, so take my advice with a grain of salt.
  • I have used a Bjorn, a Moby, a K'tan, a SSC's (a Pikkolo and a toddler-sized half buckle Bamberroo), and woven wraps (all Didy's, but in different fabrics).  My preference is first the SSC's (I'm not sure which I prefer more, for convenience, probably the full buckle), then the wovens (and I prefer the linen blends I have).

    But a good portion of the reason for my preference is my use.  I use my carriers almost exclusively out of the house.  So, I'm putting them on in a parking lot (and in Seattle, the ground on the parking lot is wet half the time) or on a trail when I'm hiking (and, similarly, the trail has mud on it half the time).  I have never figured out how to use a wrap or my half wrap/half buckle SSC without the wrap ends getting on the ground and still getting a great wrap.  That said, it's not so bad with the conversion SSC, and I still use one (toddler-sized) for my 3.5yr old (though not often).

    If I can start the carry at home, I prefer a wrap.  It takes a little more time (like, a few seconds), but you can get a more comfortable carry.  When we still went on regular walks after dinner, and my daughter wanted to be carried, a wrap is what we would use.

    I'd encourage you to find a local babywearing group and try things out.  I think the preferences are so personal!
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  • I like my Ergo and my Mei Tei. I don't like woven wraps because I just don't have the patience. I don't really like my ring sling either. But I can't really explain why...
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  • If you already are familiar with and like the moby, then you may want to look into the woven wraps mentioned above.  I've really only heard great things about them.

    Personally, my favorite is my Mei-tai, but I have a host of carriers that I got as shower gifts (Moby, Pikkolo, Mei-tai, Belle Baby, and an Ergo and Kelty which we purchased), so I never felt the need to go out and buy a wrap.  I do like that the mei-tai is kind of the best of both worlds, the form of an SSC, but the easy tying of a wrap.
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  • My ring sling is my hands-down favorite

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    I think game is best option for make a carrier this time.
  • I love our Mei Tia. It's so easy to put on and is adjustable. DS loves to go on my back now and look around. If I can't get him to take a nap in his crib, I put him in the mei tia and he's out within 2-3 minutes. It's the only way he will sleep longer than 30 minutes too. 

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  • Baby Hawk Mei Tai!!!!!!!!
  • For most comfortable I love my woven wrap. It gets a nice snug and cuddly carry. It has a huge learning curve, but it's the most versatile of all the wraps and the most comfortable. For more simple carriers I love my Tula. I had a Kinderpack and an Ergo before and the Tula just fits me better. I tried an Onya at my babywearing group and it was ok, didn't fit and my baby well.
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  • i LOVE my maya wrap ring sling!
  • I love my ergo. I've never been able to get the ring sling to feel comfortable.

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