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intro and ?

wow.. this board is slow let's see if I get any response.


I am 41 pg with boy #5!!!  I had 4 boys in my first marriage, my dh has no children at this time, we are super thrilled!  Took us 13mnths and one loss to conceive this lo.

My boys are 15, 13, 12, and 11 so we are starting over.. it's scary and exciting.

Pregnancy is going very well but at my 24wk apt yesterday I was informed about monitoring 2x a week beginning, I think, at 32wks due to increase in stillborns in AMA, non-functioning placentas, etc.  Yikes thanks for the additional scare and the additional pain of missing work, driving to and from apts, etc.  Of course it is worth it to keep LO monitored but my goodness.

Ok, anyway the dr said studies have found after 10 years between deliveries the cervix performs more like a first time mother than a mother of X... Anyone else heard this and was this your experience?  I was so looking forward to a relatively easy delivery as my previous deliveries did get progressively shorter.


Re: intro and ?

  • There is a pregnant after 35 board too if you haven't checked it out already. Although, last time I was on there, it was pretty slow too. Sorry I can't answer your cervix question. Have a healthy 9 months!


  • I do!  Just looking for those that have been there done that,  thank you!
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  • Yep I have experience with this.  Although I only have 2 kids, DD1 was 17 when DD2 was born.  Dr told me the same thing, that it would be like I was never pregnant.  I think she was right.  With DD1 I didn't progress well and was very close to a c-section because of how long my water had been broken and I was only at 4. 2 hours later I was completely dilated.  I was looking forward to my body knowing what to do the second time around, but it obviously didn't because I got stuck at 4 again and had a c-section because baby's heartbeat kept dropping.  I don't know if that was because my body didn't "remember" going through it before or not, but that was my experience.
  • Since I was 41 have DD, I had to monitored as well. The ob/gyn wanted to do stress tests 2x a week, but since my previous pregnancy was so close without complications, I convinced him to do a stress test 1x a week with an ultrasound to check amniotic fluid. I had no problems, and DD was born  at 40 weeks. 

    I wish you a healthy and happy pregnancy! 
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