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Meals for 12 month old

My baby just turned one yesterday and she's eating just table food and on whole milk. I'm running out of ideas for meals. So I'm needing some ideas for healthy meals for my princess :). Thank you!

Re: Meals for 12 month old

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    We let DS eat small portions of what we eat. Sunday I made roast pork, so for dinner DS had that with rice and green beans. I'd go nuts trying to make sepereate meals for all of us, so we all try to eat healthy. For nights that I'm too tired or busy to cook, I have Tyson Chicken Nuggets (dinosaur shapes) that I pop in the oven. It's made with real meat and very tender.
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  • Tonight I'm going to make Owen noodles with sauce. I've been getting the Garden Delight rotini noodles which have some amount of vegetables incorporated into the noodles themselves and use a light amount of pasta sauce on it. He's loved it in the past. He also loves peas and carrots and pretty much any sweeter fruit, he's not a fan of the tangy citrus fruits.

    Last night he had some of our hamburger rice hotdish and amazingly ate it right away with no coaxing, yay! (1 lb ground beef seasoned with what you like, 1 can cream of celery soup, 1 can water, 1 cup minute rice. Let simmer on the stove for 10 minutes stirring occassionally. DH likes to add in a small amount of cayenne, salt, and pepper to taste)

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  • I give DD what we eat. She's almost 13m. It forces us to eat healthier too. Just make sure to cook without too much salt. The last few days I made stuffed zucchini over rice, chicken broccoli carbonara pasta, tater tots and scrambled eggs, cheese sandwiches and steamed carrots, chicken cutlets with mashed potatoes and cauliflower. She also loves all sorts of ethnic foods when we have to occasional take-out, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Mexican etc.
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  • Just like what everyone said, let LO eat whatever y'all eat. The only different thing I do is, I'll steam a big batch of veggies and I mix it into whatever we're having. DD loves it and it's healthy lol
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  • He just eats what we are eating or I make sure to have things on hand that he really likes like canned fruit and carrots and such, but he'll eat meatloaf, spaghetti, mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, tacos (soft shell), turkey and stuffing, chicken/ cheese with broccoli and so forth. He's even had pot pie and chicken noodle soup. So just feed her what you are eating, as long as it's not too hard and you cut it up in smaller pieces or just have other things on hand like canned items that are softer or produce like bananas and avocado.
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