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FB group?

I was wondering if there is a FaceBook group since this board isn't active. If so I would like to join

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Re: FB group?

  • I wish there was... I would love to meet up with new moms in the area!
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  • We could start one!
    kinsquared[Deleted User]
  • There is! It's geared towards moms on the north shore, but feel free to join

  • This might be too far for many of you, but there is a Littleton Parents Association facebook page that is pretty active! 

  • I would also be interested. I am in Boston
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  • Me too!  I just moved from Cincinnati and that is exactly what happened to the board over there.  We all joined a private FB group.  I have been wondering if that is why this group is so inactive.  Is everyone hanging out someplace else?  I want in! :)
  • Hi
    I would also love to join or help start a FB group for new moms near Boston that are not north shore.
    I just created a new convo to reach out to other metro west moms but if this board isn't very active I'd do FB instead.
    I live in Franklin and work in Cambridge so open to connecting with moms near either area.
  • I am on board with a FB group too. Has anyone started one (that's not north shore specific). If not, I would be happy to give it a shot.
    Can't figure out the signature thing, so here's the short, short version.....first daughter born on November 10, 2013. She was conceived through the magic of IVF after 2+ years of TTC.
  • I haven't heard of anyone starting one yet. If you do I would join! And be appreciative! Let us know
  • If there's something metro-west related, I'm in, let me know :o)
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