Have to have a RCS?

I had my first appointment with my midwife a couple of weeks ago.  After DS was born, I remember my midwife saying they liked to have 2 years between conceptions for vbac.  I've heard various opinions on this timeframe and we were at about 22 months when I got pregnant.  At our appointment my midwife said we'll have to schedule a RCS.  

DS was an unplanned c-section because he ended up being breech when we got to the hospital.  Otherwise I was progressing quite well (went from 5-6 cm in the doctor's office to 8-9 in the hospital in less than 6 hours).  I'm only 2 months shy of their preferred window for a vbac.  Is this really necessary?  On the one hand, I'm ok with doing the RCS as I know what to expect and all that, but on the other hand, is it really my only option at this point? She did mention that if I went into labor early, I could try for the vbac.  I feel like we've got some time to discuss it, but just curious on other's opinions on it.

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    The recommendation from your midwife is different from what my OB told me after I delivered my daughter via c-section in June 2012. When discussing the possibility of a VBAC at my follow-up appointment she said that the recommendation is to have at least 2 years between deliveries so you're definitely in that window. She also had a recommendation for an upper limit between deliveries which I can't remember now what that was. I just had my first doctor's appointment last week for this pregnancy and in discussing the possibility of a VBAC with my new OB (I moved since my last pregnancy) the fact that this baby is due about 2 years after my daughter's birth wasn't even an issue. You seem to be right in the window for having a VBAC after your c-section so maybe push your midwife on where the numbers they are using are coming from.  
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    She said 24 months between conception, not deliveries, though that doesn't really make a difference I guess since 2 years between conception would be about 2 years between deliveries too.  Either way, it's about 22 months instead of their recommended 24 months.

    I think I will continue to discuss it with her.  She said that it's so they can be sure my body has had enough time to heal, but I just don't see how those 2 months would really make a difference.
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    When I have my 4th there will only have been 14m since my c section. My midwife hasn't once mentioned RCS, except to answer my question as to whether or not I would have to have one. She is insistent on a VBAC.
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    Find someone else. How is it okay to have a VBAC if you go into labor early, but not if you get past x weeks? Makes no sense, and she isn't VBAC friendly. Usually the recommendation is 18 mos, so she's being conservative anyway.
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    Find someone else if you want a VBAC. The recommendation is 18-24 months between deliveries, not 24 months before you conceive again. That is a notable difference. By your MW's standard, many of us here who have had safe VBACs would have been given repeat cesareans.

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    Thanks for the input everyone.  24 months between conception would also be 24 months between deliveries (give or take a couple of weeks depending on when baby decides to come), so that seems to fall on the conservative side of what most look for when considering a vbac.  I'm not interested in finding a new midwife because I am otherwise very happy with this practice.  I will, however, advocate for myself and my baby based on what I'm hearing and that 18 months is certainly acceptable to most who perform vbacs.  Since we're still early in on this thing, I believe we've got some time to discuss it with my midwife some more before having to schedule anything.
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