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Too cold to exercise outside!

I'm really bummed by how cold and snowy its been lately.  I've barely run outside since Thanksgiving and can't even bring myself to go outside for walks.  I know I can bundle up, but it just seems so much more insurmountable at 31 weeks pregnant.  

I have access to a treadmill, and I've done some indoor running, but again, I hate treadmill running even not-pregnant, so it seems even more tortuous pregnant.  

I don't mind running outside in the winter (and in fact, really enjoy it), but there's a huge difference between 30 degrees and 11 degrees.  No thank you to 11 degrees! 

Re: Too cold to exercise outside!

  • I'd intermix running on the dreadmill ;) with squats, lunges, butt raises, push ups (those might not still be possible), jumping jacks, and any other exercise you like. Make your own circuit of a few minutes running and then a minute each of a series of exercises.
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  • Good ideas.  I think I can still do push-ups (as a bonus, I reach the floor much sooner now!). 

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  • I hear you! I live in New England and don't have a gym membership, so this cold has been killing my exercise! On those terrible days, I try yoga, pilates, or aerobics DVDs in the house. I stalk the weather for those "warm" days and take advantage. Sometimes that means only 1-2 workouts outside per week, but the worst is almost over!
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