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challenge of bed sharing

We didn't plan to bed share but when my DS, now 16 months old, wouldn't sleep anywhere else. It happened and I love it. My son is a heavy smuggler and likes to be right up next yo my pillow. Normally I am still awake at that point and move him over. Last night he did it while we were sleeping and I woke up to him breathing into my pillow in his side. He is acting fine so I an sure he's OK but I don't want him to do it again. Suggestions?
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Re: challenge of bed sharing

  • As PP said, at 16mo, he will move on his own if he needs to.  I might consider making sure it isn't a SUPER fluffy pillow, but otherwise, I wouldn't be too worried if he seems to be sleeping, moving, and the rest just fine.  (Caveat - I am assuming a healthy kid here.  No heart problems, no breathing problems, no motor delays, etc.)
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  • As PP suggested, he is old enough now to move if he becomes uncomfortable. :) My DS sometimes scoots up to the pillow too. I try to sleep with my arm out and bent, so that my arm to my elbow creates a sort of road block between DS and the pillow.
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  • Definitely healthy boy. Thanks for the reassurance. I never thought I would bedshare, but I do miss him and don't sleep as well when he isn't there.
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  • James loves to snuggle up to my pillow, which stresses me too. But he can move away if he needs to. It's a fairly flat pillow so I don't worry about it too much. 
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