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Plugged duct/ dying pump

My pump is J-U-N-K!  (Ameda Purely yours, BTW)  I have only been using it for about 6 weeks and I can hear the motor dying.  Last week, I pumped significantly less and got a plugged duct.  I only have one more week of work (that's 14 more pumps) until I get to stay home again.  Any suggestions on making every pump break count?

Re: Plugged duct/ dying pump

  • Massage your breasts and try a warm compress while pumping.

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  • Oh! I can help with this! That pump (I have it too) has a bad cord! Try using batteries with it... I totally didn't even know it took batteries until I called and complained to the company. They sent me a new cord for free.
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    Oh, also it some times needs new valves (those little white triangular things).
  • I'd call the company and complain - six weeks is way too short for a pump to last. They should send you whatever needs to be replaced fairly quickly...
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  • Agree with PP, call the company. But for now you can do breast massage, warm compresses and try some hand expression at the end of your pumping session.
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