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Heart rate?

Hi, I'm in good shape and worked out before pregnancy. My dr said he tells his patients not to let their heart rate get above 130 during pregnancy.

I tried working out and within minutes it gets up to 130, with cutting back and going slower from my normal routine.

My friend who is pregnant said her dr said "not above 160."

Any thoughts? Thank you!

Re: Heart rate?

  • I went more by the talk test when pregnant. 130 was unrealistic for me. I also didn't do anything terribly strenuous (speed workouts, heavier than normal lifting, slowed my running pace).
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  • I agree with the PP.  I was told the heart rate ceiling is pretty outdated and to use the talk test.  I toned down the intensity of my workout a lot and make sure I can hold a conversation now.
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    It's very dependent on your individual fitness (not a general number for everyone).  I wear a HRM and I teach group fitness classes which I am speaking throughout to coach the class.  At the top of my current exertion (which is toned down from pre-pregnancy), my max is 170 on the HRM.  At this point I can still talk but I do tone back from there.  My group fitness manager also said the HRM's themselves have a > 10% error/ variability so it's really not that reliable to the digit.  Just use your best judgement and don't over exert yourself.

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