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I've been mainly lurking, replying here and there my whole pregnancy this time. Now that I've got a question, I guess I should introduce myself.

I had a C-Section with DS 3 years ago after a failed induction at 41 weeks. I dilated to 6, but DS never got past -2 station and started to have some decels, so they stopped the pit went for the C-section. Once the Pit stopped, so did my contractions (entirely!). When they pulled him out, his cord was around his neck twice and he was blue. Traumatic for sure!

I knew I wanted a VBAC the next time around and have been off and on researching VBAC since my C-Section. Another mom's group I'm in has a large number of VBAC success stories (including a VBA3C!), so I KNOW this can be done.  The OB that delivered DS does allow VBACs, and DH pretty much insisted I stay with him (even though there is some doubt as to how truly supportive he is of VBAC). So here I am at 38.5 weeks with baby #2, and having a similar story to what happened with DS. This baby is floating, My cervix is high and closed, and Dr has stated that he feels this may be headed for an RCS, based on US measurements at 37 weeks, but isn't pushing it or even suggesting scheduling one. I will refuse (and have DH's support on this) an RCS if the sole reason is baby's measurements since everything I've read states this can be inaccruate and is bad reasoning. DH is also supportive of any methods to help with fetal positioning so we've been working on some of the spinning babies techniques to get baby to engage.  My question is is there anything beyond spinning babies techniques you can think of that can be done at this late date to help get baby into a good position (already is head down and I feel most kicks/jabs on the left side of my body)? TIA
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    Check out the VBAC group on Facebook. They are incredibly knowledgeable about this kind of this. They are called: "VBMC, VBAC, HBAC: Vaginal Birth After one or more C-Sections"
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    It is true that the ultrasounds can be off by weight. They told me DS would be 10lb 8oz based on u/s but he ended up being 8lb 15oz. I was always told it can be off a pound higher or lower.
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