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Cow milk allergy in 2yr old?

DS was just diagnosed with a cow milk allergy by blood allergy testing. He will be two in a few weeks and has been on whole milk since age 1. His pulmonologist just said no more milk, yogurt , cheese, ice cream but didn't give us alternatives. His ige level was 2.37.
I was wondering what other kinds of cow milk alternatives people use. I was very confused in the milk aisle at the store by all the options. Soy, almond, unsweetened , sweetened, vanilla?? Just wondering which kind gives the most vitamins and nutrients or if he will need vitamin supplements.

Re: Cow milk allergy in 2yr old?

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    I have the same questions as pp. Our pedi allergist said what happens when a person ingests/is exposed to something, that trumps tests results. So if a person has no reaction to a food, but tests positive for an allergy, it's considered a false positive.

    I would see a pediatric allergist and have a skin test done to compare results and talk about results vs actual reactions.

    ETA: Since your LO sees a pulmonologist, I'm guessing he has respiratory problems. Dairy allergies can cause problems with congestion, etc. Anyway, I would see a pedi allergist for more information on managing this allergy. You can also speak with a Dietitian for guidance re: his diet.

    DD1 is allergic to dairy. She drinks water and a little bit of rice milk. I give her the Up & Up brand of chewy Calcium and Vit D supplements since it's dairy free. You'll also want to make sure LO gets protein, iron, and healthy fats in his diet. I cook with olive oil and offer avocado a lot. If your LO can have peanut butter, that's a good source of fat and protein.

    The FARE website has helpful info on allergies and tells what ingredients to look for on food labels that you should avoid.
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  • His peds plumonologist did testing for the allergies. He had blood testing for food & environmental allergies thinking maybe they were causing some of his asthma symptoms. Our follow up apt isn't till Feb but I called their office after seeing his results on his online chart. He also supposedly has a slight wheat & dog allergy but they didn't say anything about avoiding wheat. I only talked to the nurse on the phone for a few minutes. He has drank cow milk about 24 oz/day for a year, but has never had a severe reaction or any reason for me to think milk was the culprit. I guess maybe we should search for a peds allergist to get their opinion.
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