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What to do for a migraine?

I woke up with an awful migraine so bad that I feel like puking. Is there anything I can do? 
My midwife is closed already..
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Re: What to do for a migraine?

  • I have heard peppermint oil helps.  If you can get your hands on some and sniff it often...I had to improvise and use peppermint extract on Than ksgiving.  It helped some.  But I am having the same problems.  I find drinking a ton of water helps me too.  (Even though I do not want to drink water.)


  • Yes, a ton of water and Tylenol if you feel like it.
  • Warm bath, water, cool washcloth on your forehead and neck, and a nap. Powerade usually helped me, too.

  • Warm bath, lights low, hot cloth on eyes.. Then Vicks on forehead and a long nap.


  • Ice pack on your neck. I use a frozen pack of peas. Try a bit of caffeine, too.
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  • I also drink watered down pedialyte or gatorade when my headaches are bad.  I am getting to the point of going back in for some acupuncture.  I will keep you posted on if that works and for how long.


  • Thank you ladies. I appreciate the feedback. Using the cold pack, and sleeping helped. Too bad it's back on today! 
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  • Caffeine is the only thing that works for me!
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  • I've had a few over the past few months.  I take tylenol, put a few drops of peppermint oil on a towel, and lay down in a dark room with an ice pack that's wrapped in that towel on my head to take a nap.  It usually eases up within an hour or 2.  I haven't found anything that's worked quickly though.
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  • I was just in the er after having one for 5 days. I tried everything at home....cold towel,peppermint oil,tylenol,dark room.....I ended up with iv fluids and what they called a migraine cocktail. Benadryl,a pain med( which it took 3 dr to convince me that it would not hurt the baby) and anti nausea medicine. After 7 hours of treatment it finally lifted enough that I went home. I now have an appointment with my ob to discuss a treatment plan for this. Good luck let me know what works for you please....

  • I have been experiencing the exact same thing for the past week. Tylenol wouldn't work. Went to the drugstore and the pharmacist made sure my blood pressure was normal. She then informed me that most common complaints are due to dehydration. So I began drinking way more water (although it meant even more frequent bathroom trips), and in less than 24 hours felt so much better! Please make sure to stay hydrated. I know it is a pain, but we gotta replace the water being loss from urinating so dang much while pregnant. :-)
  • I too ended up in the ER last week for a migraine and it took them hours to get the pain to a manageable level, nothing they tried was helping. I ended up getting morphine and a few other pain meds that were able to take the edge off. When I saw my OB to discuss further treatment he told me to alternate fiorcet, ultram, and ibuprofen every two hours when a migraine starts to get bad. I'm 14 weeks now and he said this safe to do until about 20 wks. He said the risks of taking the medicine far outweigh the stress the pain was causing me and the baby.
  • I've had migraines my whole life. Sucks not being able to take immatrex or Advil to help them now. I've been told by the dr that there is a ibuprofen free version of excedrin migraine (basically Tylenol with caffeine). I was also told to take vitamin b12 and magnesium to help prevent them. We'll see if that helps
  • Unfortunately, nothing I've done helps except to reduce my intake of sugar and drink much more water. Plus to just go to sleep. Nothing else, really. Hopefully the migraines go away after the baby.
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  • Tylenol + caffeine. Followed by tons of water.

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