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What are your favorite old-fashioned names?

Trying to compile a list of classic, old-fashioned names. Ideas?



Re: What are your favorite old-fashioned names?

  • Simone, Paulina, Ava, Evelyn, Viola, Vivian, Angelina
  • We love old-fashioned names - if we have a boy he'll be Henry :)

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  • Old fashioned names? Or just classic names (as in, Biblical?)


    Margaret, Tess, Amelia


    Noah, Gabriel, Isaac, Rachel

  • My sons name is Leo. I think it was "most popular" in 1921.
  • Old-fashioned/Biblical: Elizabeth, Leah, Rebecca, Abigail, Luke, Noah

    Classic: Victoria, Charles, Caroline, Jacqueline, Emma, Katherine (Kate), William, Henry

  • image kccasebolt:
    My sons name is Leo. I think it was "most popular" in 1921.

    As a name in and of itself? I'd be surprised. I'd buy that popularity rating for Leonard or Leopold, however.

  • In addition to some of the ones already listed...

    Genevieve, Estelle, Alma, Rosalind, Beatrice, Miriam, Eleanor, Helen(a)

  • Stella and Beatrice are also high up on my old-fashioned name list.
  • Charlotte, Louisa, Margaret, Edward, Theodore, Franklin
  • Boys: Jasper, Lucius, Sebastian, Henry, Linus, William

    Girls: Tessa, Alair, Adelle, Stella 

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    Old Fashioned OR Classic. 

    Thanks - these are great! Keep 'em coming!

  • Loretta, Claudette, Mabel, Lucy, Ruby, Marion, Marjorie, Kathleen are all classic names that may be considered "old" :)

    For boys, there aren't a whole lot that would be considered old but not classic and common. Like most of my anscestors are John, James, William. I do have a Curtis in our history. 



    My little miracle.

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  • Benjamin, Jacob, Issac (biblical).?
  • Catherine and Elizabeth. Are those even old fashioned?

    I don't think Caroline is old fashioned, but it is my #1 choice for a girl and has been for over 10 years.

    I like Elenor and Nina as well as Adele and Nadia.

    Issac is a beautiful name. i wish dh was on board with that one. So is Nathaniel.


  • Evelyn, Georgia (which I LOVE but doesn't work with our last name), Elizabeth, Maeve, Ellen, Elsie, Hazel, Louisa, Margaret (Maggie or Meg)

    William, Niles, Miles, Mason, Jack, Finley, Finn, Emerson, Colin, Carter, Bradley


  • Oh, and Silas... love that one...
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  • Lucy, Emma (biased!), Juliet, Gwen, Sarah, Lydia

    Henry, Bennett, Will, Samuel, Paul, Miles,

  • image mm1569:

    image kccasebolt:
    My sons name is Leo. I think it was "most popular" in 1921.

    As a name in and of itself? I'd be surprised. I'd buy that popularity rating for Leonard or Leopold, however.

    Leo peaked in the early 1900s.

  • we like old fashioned names too. ?our name choices were Leo and Lorelei, both family names.
  • Emma











  • Also old fashioned but I love the names... Hazel (boy or girl) and Maude.
  • Thought of more:

    Joseph. Florence, Clifford, Alice, Elias, Grace (my great-grandma where I got my mn - I'm sad it's become a trendy filler name), Martha, Andrew, Lillian, Lucille, Earl, Lorraine, Bernard, Glenn, Clarabel, Rose, Rodger, Herman, Mildred, Merrill, Mabel

  • Elizabeth




  • I love the names  Fran, Doris, Ingrid, Frank, Lawrence, William

  • Emily, Charlotte, Henrietta, Josephine, Adele, Clara, Miriam, Stella, Georgia, Sadie, Louisa, Beatrix.

    Jonah, Jonas, Noah, Edmund, Henry, Elliot, Samuel, Benjamin, Gabriel. 

  • I love Charlotte.  It's my neice's name!
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  • Our baby is Charlotte, which is old fashioned.
    Charlotte Elizabeth - March 15, 2009
    Natalie Kate - October 4, 2011
    Blighted ovum, d&c at 9w, July 2012
    Blighted ovum, d&c at 10w, September 2013
    BFP May 28, EDD February 4, 2015
  • Hazel


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  • I love that name, too!  We thought about naming our baby that if it's a boy, but decided on another name instead.

    Gender: F
    Origin: Latin from Greek
    Meaning: "happy, cheerful"

    Popularity in 2007: #960

    This is the spelling of the name used by Mrs. Clinton, whose fame has taken this name off the table for babies. A pity, really, as it's got so much going for it: the popular, rhythmic three-syllable structure, the fact that it's strong but light, proper but jaunty, with an irresistible meaning -- having the same root as hilarious. The Italian Ilaria may be one way to make the name fresh. See Hilary for more variations.

    sorry this is so weird - I stole it from nameberry.com.  But, anyway, I think my DD's name is classic (and I did mean to spell it the way I did!) and it is too bad that more people don't consider it, but they are right - HRC did take the name off the table.  Check out SSA for the sudden fall from Grace after 1993!  To be honest, this only made the name more irresistable to me - I detest popular names, but I wanted something that wasn't too far out there either.  And the name absolutely fits my DD - she is the most cheerful child ever!

  • Ava, Sophia, Liza, Georgia
  • Juliette abigail claire grant
  • If I had my way, our future children would have old people names!

    Greta, Mathilde (Ma-teel), Nora (my name!), Hazel, Ruby, Mary, Amelia, Eleanor, Margaret

    Oliver, Charles, Henry, Abraham, Miles, Edward, Edmund (though maybe not now, what with Twilight and all), Arthur

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  • I have an Abigail. I also like Lauren, Natalie, Alexandra & Charlotte.
  • a friend of mine has 3 kids: Henry, ruby and violet. Love it!
    "Hello, babies. Welcome to Earth. It's hot in the summer and cold in the winter. It's round and wet and crowded. At the outside, babies, you've got about a hundred years here. There's only one rule that I know of, babies. God damn it, you've got to be kind." - Kurt Vonnegut
  • Evelyn and Charlotte, of course.  I also love Clara, Greta, Violet, Eleanor, Rosalie, Lucy, Margaret, Lilah, Cora, Millicent, Penelope, Jane, June, and Corinne.    For boys, Henry, Isaac, Calvin, Theodore, Benjamin, Oliver, Oscar, and Simon.
    [IMG]http://i47.tinypic.com/2isa7if.jpg[/IMG]Charlotte Corinne and Evelyn Sophia- 2/15/07[IMG]http://i48.tinypic.com/9vk0mc.jpg[/IMG]
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