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Sleep regression at 11mos??

I finally pulled DD into bed with me early this am so we would both sleep. Anyone dealing with the same at 11mos?
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Re: Sleep regression at 11mos??

  • Oh yes.  Teeth plus this equals no sleep. :)
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  • Yup, up til 11 last night...
    Our little Samosa arrives in January!
  • has been so hard to get her to go down all week. She sleeps fine once she's out for the night, but she is just seriously fighting sleep.
  • I feel your pain! I've been having problems with one of my twins for over a month now! It's like having a newborn all over again! However, I didn't let him nap long yesterday and he slept til six a this morning ate a bottle then went back down. He didn't nap much today either?..Could be a fluke but hey at this point I'm willing to try anything!!
  • Yes! Ever since his 5th tooth he's been up about 3 times a night. He will usually sleep in his crib from bedtime to 12-midnight. Then we just bring him in bed with us and he wakes once or twice to nurse. Terrible habit to bring him in bed with us, but we miss sleep!
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