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So, I have a question about what I'm supposed to be expecting right now. ?My OB told me to expect basically a very heavy period. ?I passed some clots last night and this morning, the biggest one was probably the size of a ping-pong ball (I didn't examine it too closely). ?I had very bad cramping last night. ?The bleeding was fairly bad yesterday but today...not so bad at all. ?I've changed my pad like three times but that was only b/c I felt like I should every few hours, not b/c they were soaked or anything. ?Only some small clots today. ?I even went on a four mile intense walk to get rid of some stress. ?I was expecting lots of bleeding with that but it didn't seem to do much. ?

Does it come and go, or is it going to slowly taper off? ? I guess the other variable is that I never use pads during a period so its hard for me to compare it to what a period should be using pads instead of tampons. ?I guess I assumed that I would have heavy bleeding for days. ??

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Re: Natural m/c question

  • Mine was like a regular period with heavier bleeding for the first couple of days, then it tapered off. The cramps were something else though! For me, taking a walk was not an option.
  • It sounds like the worst of it is over. 

    Mine came all at once over a few hours (clots).  I then had light spotting for about 2 weeks.  It wasn't as bad as I thought (except when the clots were passing).  Hopefully you're almost done.


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  • My first miscarriage was at 10 weeks.  It was extremely blooding and extremely painful for a day.  It then tapered off in the next couple of days.

    My second miscarriage wasn't as bad.  It was actually less blood than a normal period for me, but it was only about 3 days of bleeding.

    I'm sorry for you loss.

  • Mine came and went that first week, then a few days off, then medium flow/clots again, etc.  You can look at my pattern if you click on my pink chart in my siggy then scroll down to the first really long cycle.
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  • After passing the sack, my bleeding was just like a normal period with a little more cramping. I thinkn the day I passed the clot and the next day I was changing my pad every 4 hours but it was a lot lighter after that.
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  • mine gradually turned heavier...cramps the entire time, with mini-contractions the morning that i passed the tissue/sac...after that it gradually tapered off. a total of 10 days for me.

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