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Baby proofing

Ds is a very active 11 month old who loves to open drawers. esp in his dresser, & wants to take everything out. We have everything else baby proofed out besides this. I was wondering if anyone had the same problem & what did you use to baby proof the drawers!


Re: Baby proofing

  • We just braced/bolted the dresser to the wall so it won't tip and let her play. I don't mind her taking her clothes out.

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  • DEFINITELY anchor it to the wall if you haven't already.  That's #1.  You can also use the same kind of drawer things you use for kitchen drawers.
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  • Yeah it's achorded to the wall, it's just every day he pulls out the bottom 2 drawers and takes out every piece of clothing. It's cute & funny the first couple of times...then it gets annoying lol. I was thinking about the kind of things that you use for cabinets then thought it through and realized that wouldn't work. So on to the next idea!
  • I only put a few items of clothing in the bottom drawers for a while with DD.
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