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Blood in poop questions. Really confused.

DD has had 2 episodes of blood in her poop.  She is otherwise healthy (no fever, pain that we can tell) so pedi said it is probably a food allergy.  I'm wondering if that is the case.  She was vomiting and had diarrhea 3 weeks ago with once incident of blood in her poop so we thought it was a virus.  After a week of being healthy she had a random poo with blood.  I'm so confused!  She is ebf.  I am more than willing to cut out dairy and soy (already have) but want to make sure it is a food issue and not something else.  

As far as reintroducing it in a month or 2, she isn't constantly having bloody poop so how do I know if it actually dairy or soy?  She is a happy baby and doesn't seem to be bothered by it.  It bothers my DH and myself because blood in poop isn't normal.  Is it worth having a food allergy test done?  She is just over 4 months old.  

Thanks for your thoughts/suggestions 
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Re: Blood in poop questions. Really confused.

  • Are her poops otherwise normal, or are they green/frothy/mucousy? MSPI, oversupply, food allergy, or a virus are all possible causes. My DS was MSPI starting at 2 mo old and I only saw infrequent blood. His main symptom was green, mucousy poop.
  • It is probably not worth allergy testing. If is it MSPI the I is intolerance, meaning there isn't an allergic reaction just an inability to process the food. My daughter did have allergy testing for other reasons and tested negative for dairy and soy allergies, but she cannot eat them with out her eczema flaring up and having mucousy stools.

    She was diagnosed at about 2 months with an episode of blood, it was just a small amount once but we cut dairy completely and most soy. She was similar to your daughter in that she was a happy baby, she didn't have any problems with sleep or being irritable or any of the other "usual" symptoms of MSPI.

    I would give it at least 2 months before you try to introduce it and just see if you notice any stool changes. If you have any you can give her some pumped milk from when you were eating dairy and soy for a trial that way if she does have a reaction you wont have to wait for your system to clear out again.


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  • DS only had two episodes of blood in his stool before we cut out dairy, but he was totally miserable too. We could not put him down with lots of crying and was hard to console. I was pretty confident dairy and soy were the problem though, and after we eliminated both if I accidentally ate something with dairy or soy he had a small amount of blood in his stool a few days later. That was confirmation enough for me.

    What does your pedi say? As far as reintroducing dairy and soy- we saw two different pedi's, one said wait until 9 months the other said wait until a year. I have heard some say its ok to try reintroducing at 6 months.
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  • Thank you for your responses.  DD is still having blood in her poop. :(  I am doing a diet log and trying to get her an appointment with a pediatric gastro.  Thank you again!
    After 4.5 years our miracle IVF baby is here!
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