2nd Trimester

Did any of you girls


Get a bfp a long time after your period was suppose to be due.  I was due on Sunday and still nada, I took two tests and both negative.  I charted on paper and used opk so it look like I o'd around the 15th. 

Also would you drink tonight if it was you.

Re: Did any of you girls

  • Hell yes I would drink tonight if I were you.  Drink until it's pink.  Try testing again in 3 days.

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  • I would!!!! The night we concieved I was wasted!!! Oh sweet memories ;)
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  • Yeah I was at least 2 weeks late before the BFP came.... Maybe 3... I cant remember. Turns out I must have ovulated super late.
  • i got my bfp three days after my period was due. but i still partook in alcoholic beverages until that point. go for it! celebrate tonight!
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  • I didn't get my BFP until almost 2 weeks after my period was due...so until the line turns pink, I would drink!
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  • What does BFP stand for? If you think you might be pregnant (which I am quessing you might since you are asking on this board) I wouldn't. Lots of women drink before they know and everything is fine, but I wouldn't do it so you don't ever have to worry about it - or heaven forbid, regret it.
  • bfp is big fat positive.
  • I drank right up to BFP at 13 DPO.  Drink tonight!!!
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  • I got my BFP 10 days after my missed period. Turns out I ovulated way late... I obviously wasn't charting. I was obvlivious to the fact I could be pregnant, thinking a BFN was a BFN and partied my face off the weekend before BFP.
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  • Definitely have a drink . I was in Aruba partying it up for a week when I came home and found out I was pregnant.
  • I didn't even test until I was almost 8wks since LMP.  Turned out I ovulated about 2.5wks later than "typical" (14 days past first day of period).  I would drink but not get smashed.
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  • I was drinking the night I realized I hadn't gotten my period. Go for it, it could be the last time for 9 months! :)

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