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Intro and question

Hi ladies - I'm an S13 mom. I had my son by CS 12 weeks ago and I'm really wanting a VBAC for my second (yeah, I'm crazy. I already have baby fever). I had kind of a rough pregnancy and was induced at 38w6d due to pre-eclampsia and cholestasis. I didn't progress at all. DS was pretty happy where he was. Recovery was meh - not something I'd jump at the opportunity to do again. 

Some of the ladies of S13 were talking about a recommended waiting period between having a CS and getting pregnant. It seems that the general consensus is about a year. My questions are how long did you wait between your CS and getting pregnant again? What did your doctor recommend in terms of a waiting period between CS and subsequent pregnancies?


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  • I'll be watching for the responses on this one!
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  • I had a c section with both. After the first, the doctor recommended at least a year between pregnancies. We waited longer. I did have a CS with my second.
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  • Welcome. It is recommended that you have at least 18 months between deliveries for a VBAC, because studies show this lowers the odds of UR. But people certainly have successful VBACs sooner than that.

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  • I'm a N13 mom and just asked this question at my 6 week pp appt.  (I don't quite have baby fever yet-- DH and I are planning on using charting as birth control because we've had a lot of success with it in the past, but I wanted to know what would happen if we had an "oopsy" baby.)  She said 18 months between deliveries.  
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  • I am on your birth month board and think I may have answered you there as well, but my doctor recommended 18 months between pregnancies.

    I waited 27 months and had an easy and successful VBAC.


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