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Midwife recommendation in Wilmington?

I am moving back to Wilmington and do not wish to have an OBGYN deliver my baby.  I'm only about 5 weeks right now, but I would like to go ahead and find a Midwife.  Anybody have any suggestions?  Any info would help!

Re: Midwife recommendation in Wilmington?

  • Are you looking to do in hospital?
  • There's the midwives group at University Physicians, but from what I hear, it's still not a very personal experience, you don't know which midwife you'll get, and they're pretty medically minded (just what I hear from other moms). Midwifery Services in Hampstead is great! She does planned home births, but will go with you to the hospital if need be. It's definitely the experience we were looking for in a midwife.
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