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Baby items needed for 3-12 mos phase, despite having a 2 yo older sibling?

Hi ladies...We have a 26 month old boy and just welcomed our 2nd son (6 weeks old).  Since we already have 1 boy, we had most everything we could need on hand already.  I "registered" for the other new items I knew we would need, like bottles and nipples, diapers and wipes, baby blankets, nursery bedding and nursery related items, etc.

The grandparents now want to know what we might like for the youngest for Christmas, and I'm trying to think ahead to the 3mo-12 mo phase.  For those of you who have 2 under 2, what did you find you DID need more of, or NEW things, for the younger sibling even though you had a toddler in the house?  TIA!


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Re: Baby items needed for 3-12 mos phase, despite having a 2 yo older sibling?

  • I didn't have an activity gym for DD, so grandpa just got one for DS for Christmas. DS is also getting a child safe floor mirror. Those were the only two toys I could think of that we didn't already have for a baby.
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  • DD didn't really get much new since most of our baby toys were gender neutral.  But we did get her a new Sophie Giraffe - that seemed kind of gross to pass on!  For her first Christmas, we just got toys that we didn't already have for both of them (a Melissa and Doug bead maze, Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Kitchen, doll stroller, Little People).  We figured that DD didn't really need anything, but we didn't want to have to explain to DS why Santa didn't bring her anything.  
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  • we're having similar "problems" right now with our 8 month old at christmas. he doesn't need much but we want to have a few gifts for him. mostly got him a few new toys/teethers and books. mostly stuff i found at kohls on black friday for cheap. i'd have grandparents get him something bigger that older one could still use now but have it technically be for the baby.

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  • Similar situation here: 23 and 2 month olds.
    DD2 is getting some new toys because DD1 didn't have every type of toy ever. There are some new things out there and since we were given a lot of things with DD1, we aren't spending even more money.
    She's also getting some new clothes for the same reason.
    We also are giving some joint gifts that both will use eventually.
    We also did some personalized books from They are more like keepsakes but also just visually nice books to read both girls.
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