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Co-sleeping over the Holidays

How do you guys bed share over the holidays if you are not in your own home? At our house we have a queen size bed and it is getting a bit tight with our 6 month old DD. I don't know what we are going to do at my parents or my ILs, both put us in rooms with double beds. DD usually goes to sleep in her pack and play and then she joins us after her first feeding. Thanks

Re: Co-sleeping over the Holidays

  • Maybe we're just spoiled from sharing a twin bed when we were in college, but DH, my 2 year, and I all share a full-sized bed when we travel someplace overnight without any problems.  I can't imagine a 6 month old taking up that much room.

    At both grandmas' houses we have  pack and play set up and he sleeps in that.
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  • Thanks for the suggestions. We don't have a bed rail, our mattress is on the floor. They are also not the most supportive of CO-sleeping so that is part of my concern with visiting people for the holidays.  I guess I can always kick DH out- he is the one that takes up the most room anyway.
  • When we visit my parents house, DH sleeps in the basement, which he prefers to do anyway.  DD and I sleep in the guest room with the double bed and crib.  She starts out in the crib and usually comes into bed with me.  There's no way DH and DD and I could all fit in bed together.  I hope you're able to find comfortable sleeping arrangements! 
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  • We've managed the 3 of us in a double bed for a few trips of 3-5nights.  It isn't the comfiest and we didn't get the best sleep...but we all likely still slept better than by trying to pop our kid in an unfamiliar play pen in a strange house with strange noises after a busy day with 'strange' people.

    This Christmas we'll be spending 2 weeks at my moms 21 hours away.  We'll have a double futon mattress on the floor.  I will either try to keep my daughter on it with us or have her on the floor on the playpen mattress beside me.  I am way to lazy to get up through the night to get her in and out of the playpen to nurse, even if she were happy with that!

    If needed we'll have a couch right beside the futon so my husband could sleep there.  I wouldn't send him to another room to sleep while traveling though...he's not working the next day so he doesn't need great sleep and it's time for us to try and spend more time together.  Not to mention should my daughter decide to be up fussing in the night I would prefer a second set of hands to keep her calm so she doesn't wake the whole house (and the dog)...not that my mom would care in the least!


  • We co-slept in a double futon at ILs. It was tight, but we made it work. We tried to put DD in the p&p that mil bought, but she just rolled around and cried. The mattress was pretty firm. The only way it worked is that it was against the wall and DH slept against the wall.
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  • In small beds, if baby is old enough, put her between you and DH and just try to get by on very little space. :P When we visit his parents, we share a full. It's not ideal, but we get through it. It's just a few days. :)
  • Emerald27 said:
    In small beds, if baby is old enough, put her between you and DH and just try to get by on very little space. :P When we visit his parents, we share a full. It's not ideal, but we get through it. It's just a few days. :)
    This is what we did. DS is big enough that I don't worry about him in between the two of us. It kind of sucked because we were very smushed, but we dealt with it.
  • So when is it ok to move her in between us?
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