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Taking diaper off at night/nap...kind of long, sorry

Our DS will be 24 months in two weeks.  He understands the potty is for pee and poop, and has had a potty in his bathroom for a couple months now. He sits on it before bath/bed.  Just recently (the past two weeks) we have been putting him in big boy underpants about an hour before his bath and telling him to sit on his potty if he thinks he needs to pee. The past few nights he has consistently peed in his potty, with a couple accidents in his underwear on his way to his potty. So the issue: He has taken his diaper off on a few occasions at night and at nap time, we check him on our video monitor before we head to bed and saw he was wrapped up in his blanket asleep, assuming his diaper was on. Next morning, come to find the diaper off and completely dry, and the bed soaked.  A few times, I have caught him in the act by watching him on the monitor during his nap and at bed time. Or the one time looking at the video monitor and seeing his butt cheeks facing the camera. Solutions we have tried: When we first started having the issue of him taking his diaper off, we put him in a snap onsie and a pajama shirt, he hasn't unsnapped it until recently. Sad, but we have duct taped his diaper tabs. This worked for two days until he figured it out. Next, I put the diaper on backwards and duct taped the tabs. This worked, until this afternoon and I watched him take it off in under 3 minutes before his nap. I need suggestions as to how I can keep his diaper on? Pull ups at night since they are more like underwear? I'm out of ideas, I know he isn't ready to potty train at night since he is on the young side of potty training still.
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Re: Taking diaper off at night/nap...kind of long, sorry

  • What about one piece sleepers? Like the zip up ones with feet and all so he can't get to the diaper to mess with it.

  • Once DS was wearing underwear, he would get quite upset at the mention of wearing a diaper. He realized underwear were for 'big boys' and diapers were for 'babies'.  
    You may have better luck with the pull ups.  We never called pull ups a diaper, we just called them "special nighttime underwear".  He only wore them at night, never during the day so he was ok with that. 
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