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2-year Old Doesn't Sleep at Bedtime - Stays Up Babbling

Hi everyone! I'm Jen. Nice to meet you!

I tried to look through previous posts for a solution to this, but everyone else experiencing sleeping problems seems to be dealing with a toddler who WON'T sleep.

My situation is a little different - my toddler just DOESN'T sleep. She's perfectly content to just sit in her crib babbling to herself, but where that used to be a ten-ninute thing, it's now upwards of two hours that she just doesn't go to sleep at bedtime! Nothing has changed in her routine except that sometimes her daddy works later than he used to and isn't home for bedtime... I don't think that has anything to do with it, but perhaps you ladies have some other input. It's making her really cranky in the morning! Help!

Re: 2-year Old Doesn't Sleep at Bedtime - Stays Up Babbling

  • We experience this on and off and view it as a need for sleep training, even when she's babbling quietly (...for hours at a time!). We've found it helps turn the tide toward sleep if we go to her door and say, " time to sleep [baby], time to be quiet now. no talking". Some nights it means doing this up to 10+ in an evening (plus a hug or two if she starts to get upset about being told to be quiet), but it tends to reduce the chatter after a couple/few nights and guide her back to a period of falling asleep soon after going to bed. It's not perfect and not immediate, but it helps. Good luck!
  • DS would start doing this when we fell off our bedtime routine. We were able to get him back on track by sticking to a specific routine right before bed so he would calm down and know what was coming.  He knows that he gets bath, book, kisses and then it's lights out.  He will fall asleep within 10 minutes now.  
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  • DS was doing this for a while we pushed his bedtime back a half hour now he falls asleep within 30 minutes. I agree with PP though too, if they are just in there talking there's nothing wrong with that either. Good luck :)
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  • Thanks everyone! Great feedback. We tried cutting her nap by a half hour last night, and she was cranky when it was time for bed, but she fell right asleep. I agree that the babbling isn't necessarily a bad thing - it's actually really cute! It's just not fun to try to wake her up in the morning when she's still exhausted from getting two less hours of sleep that night... poor thing. 
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