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FTM. What are ways for me to gain weight?

LiddoRosyLiddoRosy member
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I'm 15 weeks and a FTM, also im underweight. From last month to this month I've only gain half a pound. I'm worried my baby will be very much effected by this issue. The doctor said I have to gain 4 pounds every week, is there anything I can do to gain weight? Also I have a very high metabolism, in anyway is that effecting my weight gain? However, is it also normal that I'm not getting hungry a lot either? I try to eat, but I get full really fast so I try to eat as much as I possibly can. So if anyone can help me i would be so grateful! :)

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    A lot of women don't gain much weight early in pregnancy. Some even lose weight. Their babies are fine. I find it odd your doctor is making this such an issue. I'd ask for suggestions on how you can safely gain weight during your pregnancy.

Re: FTM. What are ways for me to gain weight?

  • LiddoRosyLiddoRosy member
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    Oh ok yeah my doctor said 4lbs a week which I find odd, and I'm considering about getting a new doctor soon. But also its good to know other peoples experiences thanks for that :)
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  • Are you certain he said a week, and not a month? For underweight women, I think it's between 20-30lbs and if you were gaining 4lbs a WEEK you'd gain that in a MONTH and be obese by the time you gave birth. If my doctor was advising me to gain that much a month, I would certainly find a new doctor! 
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