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What Are These Bumps on Her Behind? Is it an Allergic Reaction?

Yes, yes, I know. Pediatrician. We have an appt scheduled for next week. But I'm curious about what you guys think in the meantime since its driving me insane!

DD keeps getting these little bumps on her bottom. Not just on her cheeks but on the whole diaper area. She's also getting them on her back, belly, and face but it seems her diaper area is the most affected. At first I thought it was diaper rash, but after treating it like diaper rash it hasn't gone away. They sort of go and come back whenever they feel like it. They actually look like bug bites, a bump in the middle of a swollen, irritated red spot. Sometimes the bumps develop a whitehead like zits or ingrown hairs. I thought maybe they were ant bites since the sand on the playground sometimes has ants, and my mother always told me to pop ant bites to make them go away (she says its the only way to get the poison out. I dunno if this is true but its what I've always done) so I popped one and it hurt her so bad so I've been putting hydocortizone cream on them. But is doesn't help. At all. Doesn't change the redness or swelling or anything.

Its definitely itchy to her but I don't think she finds it painful.

She has no allergies that we know of. Very few people in our family have allergies so I'm not sure...

We haven't changed her soap, her diaper or wipes brand, or lotion! The only thing that's changed is our location! We lived in Jacksonville, Florida and moved to San Diego about 70 days ago, and a few weeks after moving she started getting these bumps! I change her sheets and pillowcase every other day or more, her clothes are clean and our house is clean so I'm sure its not bugs in our home. It must be some bug or something from the playground or some sort of pollen or I don't even know what that we didn't have in Florida that is small enough to get in her clothes and irritate her skin somehow.

Oh wait... we did change our detergent. Can an allergy to detergent cause bumps that look like bug bites?

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Re: What Are These Bumps on Her Behind? Is it an Allergic Reaction?

  • Yes, it could be detergent.  My kids have very sensitive skin and they get this type of thing a lot.  DS has an identical-sounding rash going on right now that is puzzling me because we haven't changed anything.   The dry air definitely makes their skin issues worse in general so maybe the different climate has an impact for you guys?
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  • Sounds like hives
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  • It could be hives or some other skin irritation. You could probably try a half teaspoon of children's Benadryl to see if it helps reduce the itching and rash. You could call your pedi to make sure of the dosage. Benadryl usually clears up DD1's hives within an hour.
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