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Son's 3rd birthday

First off, I like to say hi everyone and I can't believe our kids are almost 3!!!! Where did the time go?? I have no idea what to do for our son. No birthday party this year but I do want to do something fun. The thing is.... I have no idea what??? Any idea?? What are you ladies doing for your LO? My sons bday is Jan 7th. :)

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  • This year we are doing a Jake and the neverland pirates birthday because we have avoided birthdays up until this year. But as an alternative my son loves when they sing to people at dinner and I think he would live to be taken out to dinner for that.
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    I was just thinking I need to figure something out for my son! His birthday is January 1st. We aren't having a big party but I want to make him a character cake and can't decide on a character. I did a caterpillar for his 1st and Cookie Monster for his 2nd. I was thinking maybe Spider-Man but that seems a little old.

    We took him to Chuck E Cheese last year... may do that again or go to a bounce house.
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  • I'm thinking about taking to out for dinner and I have been kind of thinking about taking him to a bounce house but in still not to sure what to do..
  • It is hard to believe our babies will be 3 so soon.

    No party here - DH is living in Texas (we are moving late Spring/early summer depending on when the house sells) and Christmas was hard enough on my own.  Thinking of ordering pizza and inviting family over.   We are on major toy overload and I need to get the house organized.  


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  • We aren't planning on doing any big birthday party again till our son turns 5... But I just took him to my parents and my grandparents showed up and he opened presents and had cake and ice cream, nothing big
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