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Blood pressure??

MY blood pressure has been a little up and down lately. I am 29 weeks and 4 days. I am curious what the blood pressure was for you ladies in the third trimester.

Re: Blood pressure??

  • I'm probably no help because my BP seems to go down when I'm pregnant. I was always around 100 over 60-70.

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  • My blood pressure went up and down some during the third tri.  I was usually around 110ish/80 but I had a few random appointments where I was 130 and 136. They had me lay down for a few minutes and then retook it.  It had dropped and was usually due to stress or rushing to the appointment.
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  • stahlop said:

    I'm probably no help because my BP seems to go down when I'm pregnant. I was always around 100 over 60-70.

    Same here. Mine is a lot more variable when i am pregnant (it barely changes when i am not), but lower on average.

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  • I had pre-existing high blood pressure, and took blood pressure medicine throughout the pregnancy.  My blood pressure was lower than normal for the 1st and 2nd tri, and began to creep up late in the 3rd tri (like after 35 weeks).  My midwives were concerned, and I had to do a 24 hour urine test and non-stress tests, and I was scheduled for an induction at 40 weeks (but thankfully DS came on his own 2 days before the induction).

    I think it is normal for the blood pressure to go a little higher (but still be in the normal range) in the 3rd tri.  But it's not something to take lightly.  Do you have other symptoms like a lot of water retention?  Headaches and/or nausea?  Has your urine been checked for protein?  I would think your OB or MW would be keeping an eye on it and would tell you if they are concerned.
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  • Every appointment they check for sugars and protein in my urine, its routine at my birthing center. I just really want a natural birth and I don't know what is considered normal for BP in the third trimester!
  • I was "borderline high" blood pressure, in the 140's over high-80's or low 90's.

    I was watched more carefully, and went to part time at work for the last couple of weeks and out completely at 39w, but I never had protein issues, BP never got truly high, and my bloodwork never pointed to PIH or Pre-E. I went into labor at 40w6d and had no issues.

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  • I had high blood pressure around 28 weeks, and was put on short term bed rest. Everything was fine until 37 weeks. Now it spikes every so often, so I'm back on bed rest. I've had 3 trips to the hospital for extended BPmonitoring and NST. Luckily, the baby's heart rate has remained steady in the expected range. I'm now 38.5 weeks and hoping baby will come on his own before doctors decide induction is best.
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