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Eugene/Springfield Obgyn Recs

Moved to tge area with my husband and baby girl about 6 months ago. Took a pregnancy test and it was positive. So now I have to find a doctor to go too for confirmation and such. I prefer a woman, and maybe the whole practice , to be female. I loved the practice and my doctor in Ohio. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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  • The physicians at Pacific Women's Center are fantastic. I see Dr. Richard Beyerlein, who I LOVE, but there are five female physicians (I've heard good things about Drs. Stoenshel and Haugen). The doctors deliver their own patients, and you will see the same physician at each of your appointments rather than rotating through each of the practitioners.

    But seriously - I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Beyerlein.
  • I go to Dr. Reilly at Center for Women's Health on Garden Way in Springfield. Schram delivered by baby. They are both great.


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  • Hi ladies, I am newly pregnant and in Eugene as well... I'm going to check out Pacific women's center now, thanks!  Women's care is new and flashy, but a little rude in my experience.
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  • Hi all- for any 2015 ladies I'd really recommend Womens Care with Brooke Kyle. She's really sweet but also very straight forward. I would love to hear what anyones experience has been giving birth at Sacred Heart or the Peacehealth midwifery center. Thanks!
  • I was new to town as well and chose Dr. Stenshoel at Pacific Women's Care after receiving several referrals from other local moms. So glad I did!! I'm in my fifth month of pregnancy and she has been wonderful. Very attentive and proactive when I had a few minor complications early on. The wait times are often long but, when it's your turn they never rush me. I've heard great things about some of the other Dr.'s in the clinical well.
  • Women's Care. Best doctors ever. I see Dr Green and he is pretty good. I delivered at Sacred Heart and it was an awesome hospital. Great staff, nice rooms. I saw Dr Haugen also and he is awesome. I never thought I would like male OB's but both of them are amazing. Dr Kyle delivered my baby and I didn't talk with her much other than when she told me what happened (there were some complications). She seemed quite nice. Definitely go to women's care. They are awesome.
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