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Taking two kids out

For those of you with more than 1 kid, when did you feel comfortable enough taking both if them out of the house by yourself?

Baby I will for 4 weeks on Wednesday (crazy!) and I still haven't gone anywhere alone with both kids. And actually, DH and I haven't really gone many places at all since she's been born.
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  • It's really hard to be 2 against 1 in public! I know it's different since I was with two babies the same age, but it took me a couple of months to be okay with a true outing. You just have to get a system down and it will be super easy.
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  • I take all three out all the time. I was scared out of my ind at the beginning but I knew I had to do it if I didn't want to be stuck home all day. My suggestion is to start with a small trip that you are more comfortable with. As you figure out the routine that works for you then you can get more adventurous.
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  • I say go for it! This past winter, I was nannying for a friend that I work with one day a week, I had my 7mo (@ the time), a 4 mo old, a 2 year old and a 4 year old. I had to take the 4 yo to preschool and didn't want to have to take the others in and out of their bucket seats so we always did stuff...it was kind of nuts sometimes, and I got some strange looks... but it was nice to be out of the house!!!
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  • Get out now!  I always found it easier in the beginning when the baby sleeps so much.  Then, I found it harder once the baby was awake more and on more of a set schedule.  With four, I don't take them all out very often on my own, although now that Maren is a year and Sully is walking so much better I think it would be way better, but I find doing two or three isn't so bad. 

    I took Quinn and Maren out Friday morning and we had fun.  It went surprisingly better than I thought it would as it ran through Maren's normal nap time but she didn't fuss once.  I think she was just having fun people watching!

    You'll do fine!

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  • You can do it! I was terrified to take all 3 of mine out in the beginning, but it's a lot easier now. Try starting off small, like a short trip to the park, or something like that and work your way up to longer trips away from home.

    I just make sure to plan any outings as best as I can around naps for S&B (V only naps once a day is a lot more flexible since he is so much older) and we only stay out for a few hours at a time. There have definitely been a few melt-downs, but we've all survived. Good luck! 

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  • Go for it!  I took DS and DD#1 to DS's Little gym class when DD#1 was 2 weeks old - I left her in her car seat/snap and go stroller in the corner while I helped DS.  When she woke up crying, I put her in the baby bjorn.  I just tried to time her feedings so that she would eat before we left so she wouldn't need to eat for at least 2 hours and she would sleep (hopefully).  Once you do it, you will get more comfortable!  I started bringing all 3 of mine out pretty early after DD#2 was born - DH went back to work pretty early - maybe when DD#2 was 2-3 weeks old also?  You can do it - leave the baby in the bucket seat/stroller and bring a carrier in case she cries...it will be easier than you think!!!
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  • Do it!  The more you do it the better/easier it will be and the more you will learn what works and what doesn't.  I started taking mine out quite a bit when Jack hit that one month mark.  If you haven't already, invest in a good baby carrier and throw her in there.  With one strapped to me I was able to do all of the same things I used to do with Ella before he was born.  I also agree with PP's who said start out with something small.  I started out with taking them both to playdates at friends' houses where I felt comfortable and knew if I needed help someone could easily do so.  Then I worked myself up to other places like the Children's Museum and stuff (specifically the Pocket Park area where the kids are gated in just in case E decided to be a stink or I need to feed the baby and she could continue running around).  From there I did those indoor play places, etc and eventually worked my way back to storytimes and stuff.  And I also agree that it's way easier now than when she gets mobile and wants nothing to do with a carrier!  

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  • I would try to plan something small this week. Maybe even just taking them both for a walk around the block. Wear the baby and push the toddler. Or push the baby and let the toddler walk.

    For me I would often go and meet up with a friend who also had children so even though I was 'outnumbered' by my own children, I wasn't totally alone and at least had a familiar face. I would geerally go with in the first 4-6 weeks post c/s when I had been approved to drive again and felt like I had enough strength/endurance.

    But I agree with the others to just power through it. Today, after a poop-tastrophe in the morning threw a wrench in my plan to take just 2 kids to the mall to buy DH's X-mas present, I had to take all 3 to the mall alone. And 2 of them fell asleep in the car on the way there and I hadn't brought a carrier, only a stroller. Fortunately DS1 wanted to push his sister in the stroller, so I carried a still sleeping DS2 through the mall. One of saleswomen who helped me also has 3 children of similar ages, and thought I was a crazy person. But Momma's gotta do what Momma's gotta do!

    You'll be totally fine once you break your seal. :)
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