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XP from BF: growth spurt and poop

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Hi Ladies,

So, it seems like my EBF LO is hitting a growth spurt.  He is 7.5 weeks and is more than 13.5 lbs.  He went from some pretty decent stretches of sleep (up to 5.5 hours during the night) to waking up every 1-2 hours now.  He is obviously hungry, sucking on hand on awakening.  Any idea how long this will last and is it likely that he will go back to his previous sleep pattern?

It also seems like the frequency of his BM's has slowed down.  Is this related to the growth spurt or not?  He used to have multiple poopie diapers per day (almost every diaper change), and the past few days he went from about 3 down to 1 in the past 24 hours.  I know breastfed babies can go a long time without pooping, but does it change this quickly?  When should I worry that he isn't pooping enough?

Thanks for any insights!
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Re: XP from BF: growth spurt and poop

  • Id say he is hitting his 8 week wonder week which can mimic a growth spurt and my LO went from pooping every diaper to 1-2 times a day at 7 weeks. Totally normal :)

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