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Need honest reviews and experiences please. I'm a FTM that currently is going here but I have the time change if necessary-I'm 18 weeks. I see Judy Tom. Just looking for feedback without putting my own opinions out, not necessarily looking to change but want the best care and my birth plan followed unless an emergency occurs. Thank you so much!!!!!!

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  • Not sure about them but if you are considering changing, I really liked Arrowhead OB! The staff was amazing!

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    Hi I went to Desert West and switched at around 20 weeks.  I liked my doctor there but did not like the way the office ran.  The front office staff and staff on the phone were always rude.  I also didn't like that I didn't see my provider each time.  I saw her nurse and then the office started scheduling me at other locations because her nurse went on vacation.  The other factor was there was no guarantee who would deliver my baby.  Needless to say, I needed to find a place with better customer service, the ability to see the same doctor each time and the peace of mind knowing there is a great chance that doctor will be there to deliver my baby. 
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  • Thank you very much ladies!
  • Hello!

    Not sure which Desert West office you go to but I go to the one on Thunderbird and see Dr. Zhang. She is amazing! She helped me through my ruptured eptomic pregnancy and this year She stayed on after her 24 hour shift to deliver my son to make sure I didnt just get an on call doctor. She has been helpful, supportive, and caring throughout my pregnancies. Definitely worth staying at desert west for

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