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Other children and new baby's birth?

For any of you that just had baby #2, 3, etc., what did your other child(ren) do during the birth of this baby?  If you delivered at the hospital, how and when did you introduce your other child(ren) to the new baby?  

We have 4.5 yo DS and baby girl is due next Thursday via scheduled c-section.  I anticipate I will be in the hospital for possibly 3 days.  MIL will bring DS to school that Th morning to keep DS in routine of going to school.  Then from  there, we just don't know what will be best for our little guy!  We were thinking that MIL would pick him up from school and bring him to the hospital to meet his baby sister that afternoon, and then I was thinking maybe DH could go with MIL and DS to MIL's house to help DS get to sleep (DS has never slept at MILs house before...) and then DH come back to the hospital to stay with me, and then MIL would bring him to school the next day again.  But then we were wondering if it would be better to wait for DS to visit Friday so he doesn't have to see me but he can't stay with me?  DS is staying at my mom's Friday night and he is much more familiar with her and has slept there before, so we think he'll be better able to cope with leaving me at the hospital that night.  But I feel bad if we wait 2 days for DS to visit.  

I just don't know!  :/

How did you handle it?

Re: Other children and new baby's birth?

  • My oldest was 3 when the baby was born.  I had a c section in the morning and his grandparents brought him to visit as soon as I was feeling well enough to not make him nervous.  No way could I have waited to see my whole family together :-D
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  • We had dd1 come the next day. I was also rcs and wanted to be able to sit in a chair when she came and not be laying down.
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