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Newb looking for a convertible car seat!

Hi ladies! I have been searching the threads on this board, looking for information about the best convertible car seat for our family. I was wondering if I could have some specific help. Our LO is just over 5 months old and was in the 97th percentile for height at her last appointment. She is just about too tall for her infant car seat. We are looking for a convertible one that will accommodate her height and allow her to rear-face for as long as possible. We have a small car (a Toyota Corolla) and our budget is tight, so we are looking for something under $200, under $150 would be even better. I was interested in the Safety 1st Guide 65, but then I learned that the angle is horrible for rear-facing and you have to use towels, pool noodles, or paper towels, which sounds like a pain to me. Do you have any  suggestions? Thank you! 

Re: Newb looking for a convertible car seat!

  • Would join Car Seats for the Littles group on Facebook & ask there. You have access to car seat techs & other members who would have a lot more experience (& it gets a lot more traffic so you'd probably have an answer within a few hours, even though it is a holiday weekend)
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  • I second the recommendation to check out Car Seats for the Littles on Facebook...they are super helpful.  

    If I were you, I would look at the Graco Size4Me/Headwise/MySize70 (all the same seat just sold under different names depending on the store and pattern).  It has the highest shell on the market and will allow your child to rear-face longer than most other seats on the market (I believe the Foonf would be longer but it's also pretty pricey and huge).  The Graco seats I mentioned install pretty compactly and are easy to install.  
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  • Thank you both so much!
  • The Graco MySize 70 has the tallest rear facing limits on the market.  Price point is good too.

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  • We have been very happy with our Graco my ride 65.  Our 31 month old is still RF with room to grow. It was $135 after using a coupon at BRU.
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  • i have the chicco nextfit ..and my 17 month old is very comfy in it.. i love how padded and cosy it is.. we have a prius and it fits wonderfully .. albeebaby always has 15% off on it.. and pish posh baby has a 20% off sale right now..
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  • I recommend the group mentioned above, I decided on the Gracy Size4Me, it is an AWESOME convertible seat. No complaints at all and my son seems comfortable in it. I bought it off albeebaby when they had a 25% discount code, free shipping.

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  • Combi corroco from amazon.
  • LOVE our britax boulevard 70 cs. Out of all the different types of seats we have for both grandmothers and aunt (picks him up and keeps him daily) this is the easiest seat to install and most comfy! LO was 2 in Nov. is 27lbs. and average height.
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