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Things I've Been Judged For This Week

1) asking for a little bit of the side dishes yesterday to be set aside so we could prepare them with the nondairy products LO can have. SIL judged. No one else cared.

2) the fact that my two year old screams

3) wanting an artificial Christmas tree

4) DH going Black Friday shopping

5) eating one meal by myself at our house

6) eating a muffin. No seriously.

7) bringing my Mom over to their house to say hello to her grandchild after she stopped by our house briefly. We live behind them.

8) taking a part time work at home position that will make it possible to save a lot of money.

I'm sure there are more things I don't know about. I'm ready to go back to normal...
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Landry Mark: 11/5/11
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Re: Things I've Been Judged For This Week

  • I need #s 5, 6 and 7 explained in more how do you add nondairy ingredients to already prepared food?

    Sounds like a crap week so far. Sorry.
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    There is another kid, she's 10... 
  • Yikes.  And sympathy for the food issues for your LO.  We finally have a pretty good system with most family as my DS has a lot of food allergies.
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  • I was judged (again) by my mom for breastfeeding. I get that she didn't do it, so she doesn't get it, but it still really hurts my feelings.

    sorry you're having a rough time. I'm with Kate... please explain the muffin thing!

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  • We asked DH's aunt, who prepared most of the food, if we could scoop out one or two spoonfuls of mashed potatoes after they had been cooked but not mixed with milk/butter and use DS' rice milk and fake butter. Same thing with the sweet potatoes. After they were cooked we used his butter instead of real butter. NBD.

    I had to take a phone call for my new job (exciting!) and decided to go ahead and do a load of laundry and eat a sandwich at our house before going back over. I got the cold shoulder when I returned.

    They bought muffins for breakfast this week. I decided to have a muffin for lunch since I was not there for breakfast, and frankly, who cares? Nephew asked if he could have a piece of a muffin for his dessert and SIL replied with "those are for BREAKFAST" and glared at me.

    My Mom came over to practice our song for Christmas Eve and asked to stop over to say hi to LO and everyone else. I had asked SIL if that would be ok and she replied with "I guess."

    She's crazy this week.
    Because you're mine, I walk the line....
    Landry Mark: 11/5/11
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