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Hi ladies,

I have been posting on the TTGP board for a while, but had a question I thought may be better to ask over here.

H and I have been TTC since June, but I have always had irregular cycles (usually anywhere from 30 - 60 days). Finally, the first month I was going to be in town enough to feel like I had even a chance at getting pregnant, I had a long 78 day cycle. My ob did a bunch of blood tests, ultrasounds, etc and bam PCOS diagnosis. He referred me to a RE and here we are using Clomid for the first month.

So far, we have been paying for these extra treatments out of pocket, as my and H's insurance do not cover infertility treatments. So far it hasn't been terrible, but I would like to start researching other insurance options to make sure that if we need to go further down the road to try to get pregnant, I don't have to get held up due to not having coverage or the money to pay for these treatments.

Does anyone use a supplementary insurance to help cover the cost? Through who? What type of coverage does it give you...and if you are comfortable sharing, what are your premiums?

Thank you!
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Re: Intro and Insurance

  • I'm sorry you're here. Unfortunately, I don't think it's very easy to get coverage for anything IF related. Right now, there are only 15 states that have laws requiring insurance coverage for infertility testing and treatment. In my state, it is not possible to get any insurance coverage through an individual plan. Since the insurance through our employer doesn't cover anything IF related, OOP is our only option. Check out the Resolve website. I think that they have a good page that let's you know if your state has any IF coverage laws and it can link you to more information.
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  • I dont know of any.   Here is some good information though:
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