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moms of 2+ kids: labour/delivery Q

How long was labour with #1? How long/how many pushes?

How long was labour with #2? How long/how many pushes?


Re: moms of 2+ kids: labour/delivery Q

  • With my first I was in labor for 15hrs and pushed for 20min. With my second I was in labor for 7 hours and pushed for 6min.
  • Painful labor was roughly 6 hours with both (although my second was turned funny so I think it would have been shorter otherwise). Pushed15 minutes with my first and 3 times with my second.
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  • DD1 was 9 hrs active labour. Pushed for around 1 1/2 hrs
    DD2 was 2 1/2 hrs active labour. Pushed 6 times.
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  • DD1 first contraction to delivery was 7.5 hrs with 5-10 min of pushing.

    DD2 5.5 hrs labor 3 pushes.



  • DS1 was 24 hours from first contraction to birth. Active labor was about 11 hours, including the 3 hours of pushing. (I had my first contraction, got a good night's sleep and then ran errands the next morning. It wasn't until the afternoon that I had to concentrate.)

    DD was about 10 hours from first contraction until birth. However, only 2 hours (including the 15 minutes of pushing) was active, I have to concentrate labor.

    DS2 was about 52 hours from water breaking until birth. However, contractions didn't start until 48 hours after water breaking. And when contractions did start I slept between them. I'd wake up, do my best to relax through the contraction and sleep again. When I finally had to get out of bed, it was because my body wanted to be vertical for pushing. I pushed two times and LO was here.
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  • #1: 5.5 hours total with 4.5 hours of contractions, 2 pushes through one contraction (epidural)

    #2: 4.5 hours total with 3.5 hours of contractions, 3 pushes (med-free)
  • #1 was 16.5 hours of labor with 1 hour of pushing. #2 was 2.5 hours, pushed twice.
  • 1st was 10 1/2 hours of labor 11/2 of those hours was pushing.
    2nd was four hours with only two pushes.
    3rd was 29 hours 9 of those active and only 2 hard labor hours.
    4th was 4 1/2 hours with about 5 min pushing.
  • 1st: started with contractions, just under 8 hours from first one that woke me to delivery. OB broke my water. 15 minutes of pushing - several sets of pushes, but he came out all at once at the end.

    2nd: water broke in the middle of the night. Contractions started an hour later. 5 hours of contractions, 7 minutes of pushing which was 3 sets.
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  • #1 tons of prodomal labor. 3 hrs of active labor and 1 hr pushing.

    #2 tons of prodomal labor. MW broke my water and delivered Dd 37 mins later. Only a couple pushes that I remember.
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  • #1 my labor was 4 hours. I think I pushed for 45 min but honestly I just listened to my body and let it do all the work

    #2 was an emergency c-section due to a placenta abruption while not in labor

    #3 my labor was less than 2 1/2 hours and I pushed for maybe 30 min.
  • I just want to say, I heart this thread! (Slightly nervous STM here!) 

    My first labor was pretty darn easy -- 5 hours active labor, only a few pushes -- and I am crossing my fingers for a similar (or even better!) experience this time around.
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  • DS1 - 23 hours total labor, around 7 hours of active labor with an epidural  pushed for 30 minutes.

    DS2 - less than 4 hours total labor, med-free, pushed twice


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  • DS1-14 hour labor, 3 pushes with epi
    DD1-7 hour labor, 15 minutes of pushing with epi
    DS2-6.5 hour labor, no pushes he just came out when my body pushed him out med-free
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  • DD1: 8.5 hours total. 1 hour of that was pushing
    DD2: 3.75 hours, 2 pushes
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  • I love this thread - all the posts showing shorter and less pushing are so encouraging for me to go med-free again!

  • All three of mine were about 5-7 hours active labor with 10-20 minutes of pushing. I was worried about precipitous labor after #1 went so quickly, but there wasn't any real difference in time for me (thankfully - I'd rather not have to worry about a side-of-the-road baby!)
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    1- induced labor with epi 12 hrs pushed for 2 hrs 
    2- unmedicated labor 4 hrs 20 min pushing
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  • #1 6.5 hrs active, incl. 45 min push (compound presentation, almost LGA) #2 2 hrs active, incl. 10 min push (LGA)

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  • #1- 31hrs (1'st contraction to birth), and 40 minutes pushing (had epi)
    #2- 15hrs (water broke w/o contractions, to birth), and 4 pushes (natural birth)
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  • #1 - 46 hour labor. Pushed for 30 minutes.

    #2 - 5 hour labor. My body was pushing all by itself for the last hour of labor. 2 real pushes.

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