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Re: ** 2 WW - Thanksgiving Edition!**

  • Cycle/Month: 4/4 CD/DPO: 7 DPO Timing: good Testing Plans: I was doing really good but I really want to test tomorrow Rants/Symptoms/Chart :dizzy, the girls hurt, acne, low cramps

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  • @pugmum Def not a squinter! I'm excited for you :)
    @humblebee2 I feel like i see something. Fingers crossed for you!
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  • @Humblebee2 I feel like I see something. Test FMU? Fx!!!
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    Congrats @vanellope , @pugmum and @happyfeet34 !! Good luck @Mc03 and @humblebee2 !
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  • Cycle/month: 4/5

    CD/dpo: 34/11

    Timing: -2,-1, O

    Testing plans: none

    Rants etc: spotting is basically nonexistent so  far today - maybe that's a good sign? Although I feel somewhat PMSy so maybe not. Will consider testing Sunday if things still look good.

    Thanksgiving - we eat at a hotel, so no one cooks!
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  • @Vanellope, @PugMum:  I'm late to this thread, but I have to agree with the PP's, those are not squinters!  Those are definite lines!  Waiting for your updates this morning.


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  • Congrats @vanellope @happyfeet34 !!!
    @pugmum I took a couple day break from here, came back to see if you were still in the 2ww. I totally see a line there, congrats!!!!!

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