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Potty training question.

I posted this on the potty training board but that place isn't really hoppin.

DD will be 3 1/2 next month. She has been potty trained during the day for the last 8-9 months. She had no issues with it and picked it up really fast.

However she hasn't had the same success at night. I take her every 2 hours and she still has accidents. We put her in pull ups and she will refuse to go on the toilet and wait until we put those back on. If she has to poop she will go to the toilet to do that.

Other then getting up every hour to take her I'm at a loss on what to do to help her stay dry during the night.

Re: Potty training question.

  • Thank you! That makes me feel immensely better! We will continue to limit liquids after dinner and keep using the pull ups.
  • I second that.  They will do it when they are ready. 
    DS started waking up dry in the morning around a month after he was keeping dry in the day.
    We stopped using pull ups, put a waterproof mattress protector on his bed and he started wearing underwear to bed.  He stays dry 95% of the time.  If there is a night when I know he has had a big drink, or has gone swimming within an hour of bed time then I put a pull up on him just in case. 
    I have never woken him up in the night to go to the washroom.  Twice in the 9 months he's been PT'd he woke up crying and it was because he had to pee so we took him then. 
    He won't leave his bed until we come into the room, so I would expect him to take himself to the washroom. 
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  • I agree, I don't think it's a huge concern that she still needs to wear a diaper or pull up at night.  I would just check with her occasionally to ask her if she is ready to stay dry at night.
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  • Stop waking up her.

    DD1 was in pullups until a little over 4. Apparently, it's a developmental thing. DD2 was night-trained at 2.75
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  • Congrats on the day time potty training!
    Jordan still wears night time underwear every once in a while. He will go a week straight without wetting the bed and then he will go 2-3 nights where he will wet the bed. I talked to his DR and she was not concerned.
    It definitely is a developmental milestone! Sounds like you are doing everything correct! <3
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    Have you tried taking the pull up away completely to see what happens? 
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