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Should I go to the hospital?

I just went to the dr on Monday (2 days ago) they hooked me up to the monitor and it showed I was have contractions. However my exam showed I was still just dilated one and still pretty thick. I am 34 weeks and 4 days today, last night I woke up with horrible stomach pain but the contractions were not constant just kinda hit and miss they have still been coming almost 9 hours later but still not consistency. I have also started having sharp pains in my back along with diahria. My stomach just constantly hurts kinda like when you have a stomach bug or something and I have not appetite. Should I go to the hospital could this be early signs of labor? This is my first pregnancy so this is all new to me.

Re: Should I go to the hospital?

  • If the contractions are not consistent then I would not necessarily run to L&D.  It sounds like you might have the stomach bug or you could potentially be in labor.  Try drinking lots of fluids and call your OB to discuss your symptoms with them.
  • Rest, drink lots of water, and call your OB. Definitely.
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