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Had our Child Study Team meeting yesterday

We had our CST meeting yesterday for DD1 (ADHD, SPD, fine motor delay), and I think it went well.  I'm still a newbie to all of this, though, so we'll see how things progress.  Basically we all talked for an hour and came to an agreement that we need to address the anxiety/perfectionism piece first since that is the thing that's caused two out of the three outbursts, and because I've been seeing a marked increase in anxiety at home.  We agreed to an intervention plan, and we are going to have a follow-up meeting in Feb (I guess our 65 business days will take us to mid-March).  I can request a meeting sooner if necessary.

Here's what we're doing:
DD is going to meet with the guidance counselor weekly to work on anxiety/social thinking.  I asked about how this was going to be structured, and I felt good about the guidance counselor's explanation. 

The teacher is implementing a positive behavior plan, and she felt like she had a successful moment with that yesterday morning.  She shared it with us, and the school psychologist told her that was exactly the type of thing she should be doing.  I guess the kids were taking a little "test" and DD realized she was missing a picture she needed to complete the test.  She raised her hand and was a little distressed, but she whispered what was wrong and the teacher got her a replacement and praised her for asking for help and staying calm.  The whole day went great, and DD was very positive when she got home.

The teacher moved her seat because she felt like there was something to the dynamic of where she was sitting before that was increasing her self-talk and chattiness.  She's now sitting closer to the front in between two girls who DD is comfortable with and who are quiet.

We also clarified the prompts a bit, although I would have liked to see that accommodation be a little more structured.  We'll see how it goes.

We didn't spend too much time talking about the fine motor piece because our private OT, the teacher, and I have all seen significant improvement in that since school started.  We are going to talk about it at the follow-up. 

All in all, I feel like we made a lot more progress than we did when we tried this a year ago.
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Re: Had our Child Study Team meeting yesterday

  • That's great, and it sounds like a good plan.

  • -auntie- said:
    Sounds like they understand what would help your DD and are willing to provide it.
    Thanks for all of your advice, Auntie.  It helped DH and I articulate the impact the anxiety was having in the classroom and at home.  They took it seriously, and I'm glad the guidance counselor will be looking at the social piece, too, since the teacher doesn't have many opportunities to observe that part.
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