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Brag Day Wednesday-Thankful Edition

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  • I am thankful for my amazing husband. I could not ask for a more supportive and loving partner in all of this. I am thankful that both girls are healthy--especially LA as this has historically been a very "ill" time of hear for her. I am thankful that things come so easy for little A. She amazes me daily. I am thankful for LA's new teacher. She is a great fit!!! I am thankful that my family understands that LA is not like a "typical" kid and they are OK with it and love her (that or they are smart enough to keep their traps shut). Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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  • DH was out with DD1 today and talking about the holidays, and he asked what she was most excited about for Christmas. Her answer? "Giving my sister a green dragon that bobs its heads." (A How to Train Your Dragon toy that she's been asking me when we can buy for Elsa for weeks now.) I think it's a pretty great thing for any kid to be excited about giving right now, as much as getting. 

    She has been at two day-camps at a local museum/nature center this week while I finished up work (school has been out all week) and did great, and promptly introduced Elsa around when we came to pick DD1 up at the end of the day, which I thought was adorable. She loves her sister so much! 

    And I'm so, so thankful for how well this year is going and how much change we're seeing in DD1. She really is thriving and I never take that for granted for a single second. 

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    Brag: DD1's favorite color is blue, and she has very few non-blue items of clothing that she will wear. I get tired of buying things that she ends up not wearing, so I usually indulge her preference for blue with clothes and shoes. But she is super-excited about Christmas, so I bought her a Christmas dress that is not blue and some black patent leather shoes, and she LOVES them. Yay!

    Thankful: I'm thankful for DH and so excited that he gets a four-day weekend! And I'm thankful for both of our families who are so supportive of us and thoughtful about DD1's allergies.

    ETA:  Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!
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