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Which works the best: gripe water, gas drops, or colic calm???

Hi ladies! My baby girl gets pretty fussy at night. I *think* it's gas issues. She also gets hiccups often. I've already had her to the pediatrician and she's completely healthy. He did reccomend a formula switch, which we did.

I'm just wondering, which one have you used on your baby and noticed a difference: gripe water, gas drops, or colic calm???

Re: Which works the best: gripe water, gas drops, or colic calm???

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    I have only used gripe water and it instantly makes his hiccups go away. He doesn't even need the full dose for it to work. I haven't used gas drops or colic calm, but I believe colic calm is gripe water.

    ETA: I use the little remedies brand of gripe water.
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  • We have all three. Colic calm is gripe water, very expensive, but is promoted as being all natural. It's also black, like black - black. Leaves stains if not treated and turns stools black. I personally think there's no difference between colic calm and other gripe water options. I've found the following to work really well: gas drops when LO wakes up, then normal eating and playing activities then gripe water before nap time or when LO is struggling with gas. I keep this routine ALL day long - if I mess up and skip it LO definitely seems fussier. We are struggling with food allergies via breast milk and LO deals with a lot of GI problems. The pedi said my routine is totally fine and to continue :) I also never surpass the max recommended dosage!
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  • I use Little Remedies gripe water. It is clear, doesn't mess with his stools, but is sticky if your LO spits a little out. Like pp said, it works instantly on his hiccups and I use about half the recommended dose. I'm pretty happy with them.

    I have gas drops on hand but haven't had to use them yet.

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  • We just give DS a bit more formula when he gets the hiccups and they go away in minutes. Worth a try and might save you some money :)
  • We use gripe water for LO's gas pain. It has been working pretty quickly the few times we have used it. I recommend it.

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  • Little remedies didnt work for our LO. Colic calm was a life saver. We have since switched to Nutramigen formula & have not had to use anything for gas since.
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  • Babies are notoriously fussy in the evening!! All those months I thought it was gas....I actually just think he was overtired. 

  • Do you all store your gripe water in the refrigerator? I noticed tonight when I was looking at dosing instructions that it says "refrigerate after opening." It's too bad I didn't notice that when I opened it 2 nights ago (clearly we didn't have it in the fridge after opening).
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  • glad i saw this post, a couple of drops of gripe water cleared her hiccups right up.  i just looked at my bottle, no need to refrigerate 
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  • I use gripe water by little remedies for my son, and it seems to help him when he's fussy. He doesn't have colic, so I cannot say if it's any good for colic.

  • Yes! You have to or if can start to grow mold. Little black floaters. Not good. So I would toss that Jar and get a new one. Once open refrigerate. I did the same thing. lol But the colic calm you don't have to. 


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  • Gripe water helps w hiccups. Simethicone helps sometimes with gas otherwise it's just figuring what will help him work it out.
  • We use LIttle Tummies gripe water for hiccoughs, which works great.  Works OK for overall gassiness / indigestion.

    Gerber Soothe Colic drops are probiotic drops which have been shown to greatly reduce colic and fussiness.  I think these are the most effective option.    

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