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Finding time to do Hypobabies

I bought the Hypnobabies home study materials months ago, and haven't started them yet. I'm having a hard time finding enough time to myself every day. My days are essentially packed, and after I put DS to bed DH and I have between 1/2 hour to an hour of time to spend together before I'm exhausted. Our lives have been very hectic lately which has caused some problems with us, and I don't really want to spend that time away from him. I do however commute to work every day, an hour each way on the train. I know its not the most ideal relaxing situation, but would do you think it would be better to do it on the train rather than not at all? 
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Re: Finding time to do Hypobabies

  • If it us like hypnobirthing, I would not do it while driving. To easy to fall asleep. I agree w/pps suggestion.
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  • I have no experience with hypnobirthing, so you can take this comment with a grain of salt. But there is no way I would be able to relax my guard when I am on a train. I live in the DC area, and whenever I get on the metro (believe, a nice subways system, super safe and clean) I am hyper aware of everyone around me. Plus the seats are not comfy. I can imagine your train probably isn't any more comfortable!

    How long do you have to practice for? Would it be worth it to try doing after spending time with your husband but before sleep, say 15 minutes? Or is it something you have to spend a prolonged time on?

    I agree with you about not wanting to sacrifice time with your husband. As much as preparing for birth is important, I have to think that investing what precious time you have into your husband is equally if not more important.
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  • When I'm on the train most of the time I sleep on my way in to the city anyway. Its not as comfortable as in bed at home but it works. We actually just got new furniture over the weekend that I'm comfortable on (our old set was torture), so I'm thinking of making a deal with DH - he can play his stupid Xbox and I'll be on the couch right next to him doing my Hypnobabies. Pseudo-spending time together while we both get to do what we want. :) 
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  • Is he your birthing partner? If so he will be reading you scripts and it is a very good way to bond. All you have to do daily is listen to the affirmations and deepening track about I hour total. You'll need to do physical exercises like kegals and hip rocks. You probably need todo a quick overview so you can see what is expected of you.
  • we are hypnobabies classes now. your birthing partner is supposed to be reading the scripts to you. you can also listen to the pregnancy affirmations in the car. can you fall asleep listening to the tracks...with an ipod/mp3 player. even if you are asleep, your subconscious is still listening. 
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