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I have gotten a lot of feedback that the HCG trigger shot can mess with your BBT, and you may not see the rise right away, but that does not mean you did not ovulate ~36 hours after the shot.  I'm wondering if anyone has confirmed this, either by ultrasound, or with a BFP where they only had an IUI or BD'd days before temperature increased?  If anyone can point me to any evidence or studies that have been done I would appreciate it!  

Thank you!!

Re: Trigger shot and BBT

  • I only had a slight increase. I don't find BBT to be useful if you are on any types of fertility meds as it messes with your system. The ovidrel will 99% make you O. I was one of the ones who was convinced I still didn't and I did. Just be sure to BD 12 hours-3 Days after the trigger to be sure. No worries; you should find out the following week if you did for sure.
  • Thank you for the responses!  MAnn620, how did you determine that you did O?  Also, how do you find out the next week for sure?  I did call my RE and they said that the trigger shot will definitely make you ovulate within 36 hours.  But she didn't give me any good resources to verify this for myself.  Looking for some real world experience :)  Also would be nice to hear if anyone verified they did not ovulate at 36 hours after the trigger?  Thank you!
  • I had heard that meds can mess with your BBT and to take temping with a grain of salt.  I have been temping and did Letrozole + Trigger this cycle.  I triggered Sat and saw my RE Mon and they confirmed I had O'd on the Sunday.  My temp didn't spike until a day later, but I manually put in my O date on FF since I had confirmation from the RE.  The link to my chart is in my siggy if you're interested.  
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  • Thank you Jaytee16!  That is helpful!!  
    No, my doctor says I don't need a 7DPO progesterone because they are sure if i got the trigger then I ovulated.  He also says he doesn't trust the p4 numbers anyways because progesterone is released in pulses or something along those lines.  So basically he says I just have to trust the trigger worked as it was supposed to.  That is why I'm just trying to look for facts or experiences from others.  Thank you for the replys! :) 
  • IntuitiveBlue, that's what I'm worried about, that if I ovulated later and then I do a 7DPO P4 test based on 36 hours after trigger, it will be low, but it would be an incorrect value... I feel like I would need to do a P4 7DPO based on trigger shot and 7DPO for my temperature increase to feel comfortable.  Starts to get expensive... and my doctor says he doesn't trust P4 anyways so he doesn't recommend it. I'm not yet convince that ovulating late after trigger is an anomaly, but I could be wrong.  Would still like to see more evidence for myself.  I'm sure its out there, I just haven't seen it yet.    

    Thank you everyone for your input!
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