2nd Trimester

Icy hot?

20 weeks and lower back is killing me. Is it safe to use an icy hot patch? Or heating pad?

Re: Icy hot?

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    Yep- I've used icy hot and tiger balm. It's fine.
  • I wanted to use it once because I get super achy in my lower back and hubby being the first time daddy to be he is decided to look it up and there were tons of mixed reviews about how safe it is to use.

    We opted not to use it just because I wanted to ask my doctor first and I never got around to asking I just deal with the aches now lol

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  • My heating pad is my best friend!! Use it all the time. Also, I highly recommend a prenatal massage. I know they can be speedy, but with my first son I had one during second trimester and it helped ease a lot of the pain for a long time! It was soooo worth it!
  • Tiger balm is my best friend! According to me list of ok meds and such that my doc gave me, Tiger Balm and Icy Hot are totally fine!
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