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The first 3 weeks were amazing. After that colic and reflux set in. After tummy drops 4 times a day everyday, tummy massages and leg bicycles he isn't 100% miserable. We weren't given anything for the reflux, just told to elevate him at night. Maybe he needs actual medicine for this? I ebf and   I noticed a huge change in amount of crying reduced when I eliminated dairy. But for the most part... if he isn't eating or sleeping he's miserable. His "awake" times are miserable. He seems over-stimulated and overly tierd. I feel terrible that I feel we aren't connecting. The vacuum and water running helps sooth him when the tears start rolling but I can't seem to keep him from getting to that point. During his awake times I try it all, reading to him, play mat, singing, tickling,(when he doesn't seem overly tierd- stimulated of course) but nothing seemed to fit his fancy.

 I am home with him by myself 12 hours a day due to my husband's job and I feel that he's this way because I'm not doing something right. I watch videos and hear ideas on how to play and bond with a baby or 8 week old (from a same development standpoint) but I can't even get him to that calmed state to even do anything. He loves to be held and I literally try to hold him all day, but a girl needs to shower and pee and take the dog out,  I just ordered a wrap so I can try and do these while holding him too. Please tell me this is a phase and that I'm not a terrible mom not doing something I should be?  I want this poor baby to be happy :( 2min pity part over.... now for advice?!?!

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Re: Nothing working :(

  • Have you tried lactaid tablets? My LC and pedi both recommended them. Just crushing one and mixing with water. It really seemed to help LO. I have learned to do many things one handed. It's a very frustrating time when you feel like there's nothing you can do. Hang in there.
  • You may want to get him checked for an allergy.  My LO was this way.  Turns out, he has a milk protein allergy.  He is on Neocate.  He had reflux too.  Took Zantac for a while.  He still has it some from time to time, but nothing like it was.  
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  • I feel ya! My DH is also gone long hours and having 2 dogs doesn't make it any easier when they always seem to need out when LO is screaming! I have a Ktan and sometime that helps, sometimes not. If he is sleepy he loves being in there but other times he just wants out and to look around and be active!
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  • My baby girl was that way at 3 weeks. She's six weeks now and she's fine again. We do gas drops and burb every time she unhatched to prevent discomfort. But I think she was just having her 3 week growth spurt. None of that seemed to be working 100% and she's fine now and I didn't change anything.
  • This will pass. My DS was exactly the same way. Now he's the happiest, goofiest 2 year old I know. Also, he and I are incredibly close - he's a total mama's boy. It sounds like you are doing great so just hang in there for a few more months. Around 6 months it will get much much better. I did use reflux meds for both of my kids and they help some but are not a total fix. I also cut out dairy and only noticed a slight improvement. Mostly I think it just takes time. In the meantime it is crucial to make time for yourself. Take a hot bath when he finally falls asleep or leave him with DH to get out on the weekend. Don't worry about doing fancy activities with your two month old. Just survive for now and there will be plenty of time for that stuff later.
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  • Zantac made DS1 a new baby, I would give it a shot. He was also really fussy before we got him on it, so I relate.

    Don't worry about anything but loving him and getting through the day... The "activities" can wait. :)



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  • I would check with your ped, but I always used to tell myself "this too shall pass." Hang in there OP, you are doing a good job and you're a good Mommy.

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  • My LO was that way starting at 2-3 weeks. We are now almost 13 weeks and just starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. He wants to be held all day and my moby has helped some. My LO has severe silent reflux and is on Prilosec 2x a day.
    Just keep trying to put your LO down for playtime a couple times a day for very short stints. And if there's reflux, use the precautions to help.

    Good luck mama. Hearing "this too shall pass" is true but doesn't necessarily help in the moment when you are at your limit. Cherish the moments spending time snuggling and keep trying new things. And get your SO to take a shift once a week so you can do something for you. Even if it's sleep.
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    You are doing a great job! My daughter was this way and now at 14 weeks it's getting better, hang in there! The moby was a life saver for us, when she got really bad I would put her in it grab the dog and go for a long walk. Being outside seemed to help calm her, she was nice and warm and after a while she would fall asleep. Some times it would take quite a bit of walking and bouncing but now we are at a point where if I do put her in it as soon as she is tired she goes right out. If you haven't already google purple crying and read all about it, it will make you feel so much better when you realize it's not you - your baby is fine she is going through a phase and everything will be ok !
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