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"modern" natural birthing books?

I am looking to read something a little more up-to-date on natural birthing methods, i.e., something written this millennium? Also, I'm more interested in active methods to for pain relief as last time I was unable to sit still and focus on relaxing. Any suggestions?

Re: "modern" natural birthing books?

  • I liked Gentle Birth Gentle Mothering, the author is an MD whose had 4 natural births, and she goes in-depth about the natural stages of labor and how different interventions interfere with the bodies natural birth process.
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  • Maybe check out Birthing from within? I meant to read it but never got around to it when pregnant. It may be what you are looking for. 
    As for positions/movement maybe check out Bradley. I took the class and they go over a lot of positions/movement to ease pain during contractions. One of the positions that I like initially was standing, leaning forward slightly on my H/wall and swaying my hips with the contraction. The swaying movement helped me.  GL!

  • I liked Birthing from Within as well.  I was going to get Ina May Gaskin's book but flipping through it, it seemed like mostly birth stories...is that true? 
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