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LO is 9 days old, when I was at the hospital they told me to BF 15-20 min per breast. Since my milk has come in, I can hardly keep LO awake for 10-15 on one breast, let alone make it to the other. Is this normal? I've tried stimulation, tickling, diaper changing, eyc but when she's out, she's out! Eating every 2-3hours.

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  • I will say that I had the same experience with my lo in the beginning. She was sooo sleepy and it took a lot to wake her to eat and she would always fall asleep quickly during feeding. I went to my 2 week appt and she regained her birthweight and more, even with short feedings. I would still try to nurse her every three hours or so, but as long as she has enough diaper changes I wouldn't worry about the time. Some are more efficient at it. I would ask your pedi though too.
  • Agreed with previous poster. Don't worry though, she'll get over this eventually and stay awake longer and eat more. One day you'll be begging her to go to sleep LOL!!  I also used to blow on my LO's head and tickle his cheek while he was nursing to keep him going. 

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  • Same here. My LO is 10 days old today. They are still learning to adapt to the outside world. My LO gained all but 2 oz when we went for her first visit last Thursday. She was 8 lbs 15 oz at birth. Today I stood on the scale with her, then by myself to see the difference. Since last Thursday, she is now almost 9.5 lbs. One thing that's helped to get her to nurse more is to burp her when she unlatches and try to reintroduce the same breast. As long as your LO is producing 5 or more wet diapers and 3 or more stools, I wouldn't worry. I'm changing my LO it seems all day.
  • Only thing I would add is to ask a LC. Many pedi's don't seem to have the best and full knowledge on bf'ng from what I've seen and heard. So if you continue to have trouble I'd find an LC or some other actual breast feeding specialist.

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  • Agree with above. Hard to keep my son awake past 10 minutes, now he's almost 4 wks and guzzles for 30 min! As long as they are gaining and diapers look good, you are good.
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