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So I am interviewing a couple doluas this week and I was hoping you ladies can give me some ideas for what questions I should ask. 
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Re: Interviewing Doulas

  • I think a lot of that depends on the things that are most important to you, really. I asked about their certifications, how many births they've attended, best and worst experiences, if they'd come to our home during labor or if they would only meet us at the hospital...just to name a few.
    If you go to the DONA website, they have a list of suggestions of how to go about hiring a doula, including interview questions and such.
    Good luck!



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    lbs2012 said:

    I'd ask about their relationship with the hospital and the nursing staff. Ours is very well known and respected by the nurses and docs which was a huge plus to us. I also asked what tactics she would use to keep labor moving along or restart a stalled labor. Also asked her take on pain medication - do you want someone who is against it at all costs or who allows this to be your decision?

    It is not a doulas job to use her own opinions for anything. Her job is to help educate and inform Mom of choices, possibilities, etc. and support whatever Mom decides to do.
    As far as "tactics"...also not their job to force anything. The majority of that is supposed to be handled by your body. A doula is there for support and knowledge...not in any actual medical context.



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  • The big question I had was how she would handle me if I "thought" I could no longer do it.  I wanted someone who would be strong, positive, and encouraging especially when I doubted myself. My doula gave me a straightforward, no nonsense answer which was what I wanted.  In my L&D there was a point where my body was pushing and I was only 8.5 cm. My doula was the one who got me through that as fighting my body was hell. When I asked for something she told me I was almost at the end and kept me positive. IMO the number of births is something that is not as important. Every L&D is different so any doula can encounter something unique.  I wanted someone who I felt comfortable with and who I got good vibes from.
  • Picture the kinda of support you think will be most helpful. A motherly figure? A high energetic cheerleader, does the doula fit that picture you have In mind? Having a connection with your doula is important. So when interviewing her, ask your questions but also go by your gut. Does she have the energy you are looking for.
  • I asked a mix of questions from DONA and doulamatch's websites, but for me, I found my choice ended up being about personality fit more than anything.
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